About Us

About Us

Over 25 years from its establishment, Publishing House of „România de Mâine” Foundation is always recommended by the same high quality, due to the authors stateliness, whose names can be found on the covers of published books, as well as to the editorial team skills and professionalism.

Since the beginning, it was preserved the teaching-university profile, making available to „Spiru Haret”  University students (and not only) courses, textbooks, notes, seminar notebooks, practical  notebooks, collections for all stages of university education; attracting to study it was always considered as crucial, held professional development of young generations as well as their specialized training, through modern methods, timely information, accurate explanations, full of substance, for jobs to be embraced.

Covering both social and exact sciences, the portfolio accumulated by the Publishing House of „România de Mâine” Foundation includes various areas of interest as: Journalism; Communication and Public Relations; Communication Sciences; Management; Marketing; Financing and Banking; International Business; Mathematics; Informatics; Law; Public Administration; Cultural Studies; Philosophy; Sociology; Psychology; History; Geography; Romanian Language and Literature; Foreign Languages and Literatures; Architecture; Theatre Performing Arts; Pedagogy; Musical Pedagogy; Kinethoterapy and Special Motility; Sports and Physical Education; Veterinary Medicine and many others. In each of these fields, students have access to all printed materials, at special prices, so that the necessary information to be not only proper and encompassing, but also affordable.

Scientific research also holds an important place in the Publishing House policy by publishing volumes belonging to prestigious and famous authors, in each field, a landmark for those who will dedicate a certain moment of their life to academic researches and discoveries. In this editorial category, are extremely important the Annals of „Spiru Haret” University, with series in each studied area and each field, corresponding to faculty profiles. Annals frequency is usually quarterly. Equally, it pays special attention to scientific communication collections realized by teachers, PhD and master candidates, students.

Along with publications devoted exclusive to academic activities and programs, the Publishing House policy takes into account also the common readers, passionate about history, politics, geography, memoirs, interviews, art, architecture, psychology, essays etc.  Volumes belonging to all these spheres of interest for readers are found in the permanent offer of the publisher.

Last but not least, Publishing House of „România de Mâine” Foundation create links, to initiate and develop long-term collaboration with publishing houses attached to other Universities from Europe or elsewhere.

Currently, Publishing House of „România de Mâine” Foundation, a member of Romanian Publishers Society, is classified, by courtesy of National University Research Council, as a „C” category publishing house; we mention that classification criteria have not been updated for several years, following the resignation and subsequent absence of dedicated credentials committee. We are sure that the activity of Publishing House of „România de Mâine” Foundation will be successful also from this point of view, materialized including through the enrolment of the publishing house into a higher category that corresponds in all its undertakings and accomplishments.

The main purpose of the Publishing House of „România de Mâine” Foundation remains to widespread cultural and scientific research, to and from valuable people, knowing that, as Mircea Eliade said, of a people remains nothing but culture.

Odilia Roşianu


Publishing House of „România de Mâine” Foundation